About Us

About Us

Architectural Studio “ISI – ARCH” was established in 2004 and continues to prove its name with the quality of its projects.

Founder of the company is architect Ivaylo Slavchev. He has long-standing experience in the field of investment planning and design. As a studio manager and then as a leading designer of a team of specialists from 1998 to 2007, he designs a lot of projects in a large architectural firm. Our team efforts and creative work are focused on urban planning, investment planning of buildings, interior design, professional advices and consulting. The implementation of the assigned objects in sync with the latest trends is guaranteed.

“ISI – ARCH” has an expert team that understands the needs of its customers and has the necessary qualifications and experience. The company provides individual approach to each client, to each building.

The process of creating from the white sheet to the finished project inspires and motivates us to continue to create and develop. We are able to meet all requirements for shorter periods on the implementation of tasks.

We work together with the client from the moment of receiving the assignment to the finalization of commitments. The road is long, but the delight and the pleasure of a job well done in the eyes of our customers is the best incentive for our team.


Our goal is to become a major company for more customers as we continue to seek new ways, ideas and solutions to make the design process easier, enjoyable and most importantly – quality fulfilled. In this way, we will all be one step ahead.


Our team understands the needs of our customers and has the necessary qualifications and experience. We apply our skills and knowledge in preliminary design, urban planning, investment planning and interior design. An individual approach to each client’s building is provided.


We appreciate the ability to work in a team and so we provide an opportunity to develop those qualities of our employees which form an adequate attitude to business and production processes in the company. We stimulate creative thinking and provide opportunity for good ideas.


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